Domain Name Of The Week

Few businesses are recession-proof. However, it’s generally understood that chocolate and liquor perform better than many other sectors during a financial downturn. Economic turbulence over the past five years makes our Domain Name Of The Week especially attractive:

Broad Reach
An important factor that makes so strong is its broad reach. Prospective buyers of the domain name include not only manufacturers and re-sellers of items like glassware, but also those carrying a range of other products. These include purveyors of packet drink mixes and popular ingredients, such as Grenadine.

Merchandise Branding
Include liquor store chains and countless liquor brands as logical domain name owners, too. Plus, by owning a category-defining name like Liquorware, distilleries and their marketing arms have an effective new mechanism to exclusively promote their own brands using a website with broader-than-usual appeal.

For example, imagine shot glasses sporting a Smirnoff®, Jack Daniels®, or Absolut® logo. thus becomes a destination with widened appeal and cross-promotion capabilities. Then to really enhance the business base, factor in sports teams. What football, baseball, hockey or basketball fan wouldn’t appreciate a beer stein or cocktail glass emblazoned with their favorite team’s logo?

liquorware is our featured Domain Name Of The Week

Contact us today using the convenient form below to lock in this all-encompassing, virtually recession-proof domain name and if you drink, please drink responsibly.

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