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Reported in a recent news release at

Guardian Energy Tech, which sells a do-it-yourself spray foam insulation kit, bought for $2,195.

Congratulations to Guardian Energy Tech on the purchase of a nice keyword-specific domain name like for their business. Interestingly, this purchase also helps to illustrate the strength of our domain names here at

That’s because currently for sale here you’ll find, a powerful keyword category-defining domain name. A few of the prospective purchasers for are insulation and weatherizing contractors. But don’t stop there.

Heavy-hitting candidates for also include large global corporations. Think Owens Corning who manufacture insulation. DAP Products, producers of caulks, sealants, adhesives, plus insulating foams.  And DuPont™, makers of Tyvek® HomeWrap®.

Home Weatherizing

Home Weatherizing Means Billions For Businesses

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